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Prof. Dr. Piet Kommers

"Learning amongst the Young Generation in the new University"

Prof. Dr. Piet Kommers

Prof. Dr.
Piet Kommers

Communication and 'mutually supporting learning experiences' have become a large part of higher education nowadays. The existential element: "Who do I want to be, and why and how do I study this discipline" is dominant in youngsters' mobile communication. It is recognized again that learning as shaping one's intellectual capacities cannot be isolated from one's personality, ideology and societal mission.
The phenomenon of "learning community" has gained momentum since the web evolved from an informational into a social and experiential context. "Communities of Practice" refer to the notion that expertise is between- rather than exclusively inside persons. Its consequence is that, both in study and work, institutional members participate in external communities through simulations, gaming and virtual realities. 2nd Life is a specimen of a larger trend towards ubiquity that allows citizens to identify with larger entities than regions and nations. My presentation aims at the discussion to what extent our universities will absorb/defy youth culture in its way of learning and teaching. My thesis is that universities need to articulate sharper what exactly is a "learning culture" and how it is supposed to proliferate in continuous professional learning in practice.


Piet Kommers ist Professor der Universität Twente für Erziehungswissenschaft und Honorarprofessor des UNESCO Instituts in Kiew. Bekannt geworden ist er als Scientific Director eines NATO Advanced Research Workshops, der unter dem Titel "Cognitive Tools for Learning" von Kommers, Jonassen und Mayes herausgegeben wurde. Seine Dissertation behandelte das Thema "Hypertext and the Acquisition of Knowledge; Navigation and Meta-Cognition through Conceptual Representations". Seither interessiert sich Kommers besonders für Lernen mit Medien, pädagogische Aspekte virtueller Realität, visuelle Kommunikation und jüngst auch für mobiles Lernen.
Seine enormen Aktivitäten in vielen Ländern und seine vielfältigen Forschungsinteressen kann man am besten der eigenen Homepage entnehmen.

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